Some of the sites we’ve been working on recently. Please note that we hand over control of content management systems to our clients who are free to change elements of their website at will. We provide guidance for customers on request.

A2E, electronics design services

Screenshot - A2E

A2E wanted to generate leads and pull in new customers following trade shows


A2E are leaders in the electronics design industry. They make instruments that are safe to operate in highly explosive workplaces such as the oil and gas industry.

They came to us with a static website that wasn’t working hard enough to generate leads and interest in their services.

It was clearly in need of a total revamp, so we built a new website on WordPress to allow them to control their own content. We also helped them position their website in search engines in a very competitive marketplace and set up pay-per-click advertising.

A2E use trade shows as a principal way of putting their services in front of customers and we showed them ways of using the website to respond to new customers following interest generated at these events.

Link: A2E

A L Kennedy, Scottish writer and comedian

Screenshot - A L Kennedy

A L Kennedy wanted a website that understood her need to be noticed!

Alison Kennedy, or ALK as she prefers to be known, is a well-known and respected Scottish author. Her characteristic humour can be sampled from her ‘frequently asked questions’ page, but behind all the fun, is the serious business of marketing her books and her time.

Alison came to us after a period of ‘website neglect’. Her old website was built on a platform that was ‘just getting older’ and she wanted to breathe new life into it and make it work harder.

WordPress was an easy choice for us. Alison’s a writer, WordPress is a publishing platform. The functions and features that make it the number one option for people who have content to publish are the ease of use and flexibility.

The ability to publish news, blogs, booklists and such are built right into the system, making it less about technology and more about words and images.

Link: A L Kennedy

Inverness Leisure

Screenshot - Inverness Leisure

Inverness Leisure wanted to increase their reach to tablet and smartphone users, and to be more hands-on with website content

Inverness Leisure Centre is the largest sports complex north of Aberdeen. It has one of the largest swimming lesson programmes in the country and teaches over 2,000 children to swim every week, the largest indoor climbing walls in the Highlands and one of the best running tracks in Scotland.

The management team recognised the web as playing an increasingly important role in the day-to-day running of the facility and wanted a more user-friendly content management system and a website which reached users regardless of the device they used.

Canary Dwarf provided a single CMS built around the WordPress platform, and built the website to a responsive design allowing it to work across tablets and smartphone of all sizes.

The website is now used to provide a daily schedule of events and last-minute alterations to their wide and varied programme. With more ease and flexibility built in, the CMS allows more staff to take control of their own departmental content online, reducing the need for information to be routed through a ‘website editor’.

Visits from smartphones and tablets has increased by over 60% since the relaunched site went live.

Link: Inverness Leisure

Boogie Woogie, Keith, Moray


Boogie Woogie wanted a website to match their slogan – colourful, imaginative, quirky

Boogie Woogie is conveniently placed halfway between Inverness and Aberdeen on the A96 in Keith.

For many, it’s the ideal stopping-off point for a coffee and lunch, but it also has a range of gifts and clothing.

For us, their motto said it all, colourful, imaginative, quirky, that was the challenge we were set — to provide a website that echoed the motto and set the scene for the in-store experience.

The brief was to provide a site that was design-led and focussed on the visual aspects of the establishment.

They wanted a site that could be adapted at a later date to provide ecommerce functionality, and we used WordPress to provide content management.

We also helped them integrate Facebook and an email mailing list with Mailchimp.

Link: Boogie Woogie
Facebook: Boogie Woogie

Cluny Bank Hotel, Forres, Moray


Cluny Bank Hotel is a four-star restaurant and rooms and we wanted to reflect that in the website.

Cluny Bank Hotel was a very exciting project for us. As one of Forres’s top hotels, and with an already impressive search ranking, it was important to instill a feeling of quality and service, while maintaining their existing position in the search engines.

We worked closely with owners Julia and Lloyd to get a real feel of how they worked and how the residents experienced the hotel.

Built on a WordPress CMS, it uses a design which we built exclusively for the hotel, and a picture slider that shows off the impressive interior and exterior of the Victorian building.

A new portfolio of photographs were taken for the website, following the renaming and redecoration of many rooms.

The colours reflect the decor and so provides continuity of experience for visitors who book through the website.

Link: Cluny Bank Hotel

Moray Hydrotherapy Pool


Moray Hydrotherapy Pool has had a website charting the progress of its fundraising campaign to build a hydrotherapy pool in Forres. They came to us when the facility opened and they needed a more professional image to be presented.

We established that, although site content would be mainly static, they needed to update their prices and timetables regularly. So we built the site on a WordPress platform and built a custom template.

Link: Moray Hydrotherapy Pool, Forres



QR TAG helps businesses manage QR code campaigns

QR TAG is a new service that allows people to manage QR code campaigns. QR codes are small, two-dimensional codes that can be used to load videos, web pages and special offer coupons right into someone’s smartphone.

The site provides a gateway into the QR code management console, which has been developed elsewhere, and provides information on how they work, etc.

The brief for this website was specific. The customer wanted a WordPress CMS and had a detailed design requirement. We created a logo and customised the site to meet the brief.

Link: QRt.ag

Outfit Moray


Outfit Moray in Lossiemouth is a registered charity providing outdoor activities and courses, mainly for young people. Their mission statement is ‘Actively developing potential’.

They came to us following an administrative decision to take their booking facilities and payment system online. They had an existing content management system but felt it was not as flexible as they would like.

Outfit Moray needed to know they could rely on us to provide support.

We recognised that Outfit Moray didn’t just need a technology solution, but actually needed support to understand how they could use their website to develop their own potential.

When we were invited to pitch for the work, we made it clear that we would be on hand to support them once the site had launched. Their budget was tight, so they wanted to be sure they weren’t suddenly faced with unexpected costs.

We have been working with the Cart66 ecommerce module for WordPress, so this was an opportunity to build payment processing functionality into a low-budget site that didn’t break their bank.

It was flexible enough to allow product variations, live stock control, and other features you’d expect from a high end system.

More importantly, we worked closely with staff at Outfit Moray and gave them hands-on training before their site went live, and helped them tailor the sytem to meet their, and their customers, needs.

In particular, we built a system for users to fill in a parental consent form and submit it online without the delays and inconvenience associated with the printed forms they had been using.

The system records all orders, customers and consent form submission from one simple control panel.

As they went live, we provided telephone support to make additional customisation to the system.

We built Outfit Moray just days after a new release from WordPress, so they were first to benefit from some exciting new features at no extra cost.

Link: Outfit Moray, Lossiemouth

Laughter Yoga Training


Manda Stretch teaches laughter yoga in the UK and India.

Manda Stretch teaches laughter yoga throughout the UK and in India. Laughter Yoga is the process of generating laughter artificially, to bring health benefits.

She is a qualified trainer and holds two-day courses to train Laughter Yoga leaders to run their own classes. We built her a website on WordPress so she could update it easily while on the move.

Link: Laughter Yoga trainer, Findhorn

Embers Fireplace Centre


Embers wanted to display their vast stock catalogue online

Embers Fireplace Centre came to us after they outgrew their first website. They have a large selection of fires, fireplaces and accessories and wanted to display them for their customers to browse.

The website was built to complement their shop in Inverness, which has a range of models on display. We chose a WordPress CMS system as Embers wanted to continuously update their online catalogue.

Link: Embers Fireplace Centre, Inverness


Content management was an important aspect of RaptorTrack’s requirements.

RaptorTrack, Cairngorms, Scotland


This is the second site we have built for local naturalist Roy Dennis. RaptorTrack follows the progress of birds of prey that are nesting in the Cairngorms.

Roy wanted a simple site with powerful editing features and WordPress met his needs precisely. Due to the nature of the website’s subject matter, it was important to get the site up and running quickly. We installed and hosted a WordPress site within 48 hours, allowing Roy to update the position of his birds immediately.

British Moorlands. Aberlour, Moray


British Moorlands can now update their own content.

British Moorlands is a Grouse Moorland Management company based in Moray serving customers all over the UK. They came to us to regenerate their website which had become tired and out-of-date. They particularly wanted to be able to add and update content, so we specified a WordPress 3 CMS (content management system).
We customised this to suit their image and provided training through written notes and screencasts.
They launched the site in August 2010, shortly before being judged for a national conservation award.
We also provided them with a hosting package to meet their needs.

W A Smith Joiners, Nairn


W A Smith is an established joiners and carpenters in Nairn, and owner Robin came to us following a recommendation by one of our existing customers.

W A Smith Joiners wanted to convey the high quality in their work through their website

Robin takes a lot of pride in his work and he showed us round some of the properties he had refurbished recently.
We could see quite clearly that his work was finished to a high standard and we wanted to reflect that in his website.
Robin gave us free range on the design and we decided a large image on the front page would show off his work well.
To keep the site contained within the image, we used javascript and CSS to build sliding image gallery.
Robin had just one word to say when we showed him the site for the first time: “Beautiful,” he said.


Seaforth Windows, Lhanbryde, Moray

“Excellent in a word. Page 1 on Google in areas I aimed for from the day site went live and phone and enquires flowing.”
- Alan Duncan, Seaforth Windows
When Seaforth Windows came to us, they had a long list of problems with their existing website. It was difficult to update, it wasn’t listed in Google and, worst of all, owner Alan Duncan wasn’t getting much business from it.
Seaforth Windows shot straight to page one of Google search for desired keywords

Seaforth Windows shot straight to page one of Google search for desired keywords

Seaforth Windows prides itself on an excellent reputation for customer service, value for money and quality of products, so it was our priority to make that clear on his website. We proposed a brand new build with semantic code for search engine friendliness, usability and accessibility. We rewrote all the copy, added some proper images, and made contact easier with tailored ‘calls to action’.
We built an online review system so customers could leave star ratings and reviews as Alan has built a solid reputation from reviews left by his existing customer base.
We were delighted to learn that Seaforth Windows was listed on page one of Google for Alan’s desired keywords when the site went live and that Alan was beginning to receive calls and emails from his new site.
Canary Dwarf proprietor Marc Hindley said: “Working with Alan was refreshing. He is clearly committed to providing really good customer service and quality workmanship.
“Within the budget, we created a product that proved its worth within the first week of going live.
Alan left a glowing report for Canary Dwarf on Free Index, a web business directory: “Excellent in a word. Page 1 on Google in areas I aimed for from the day site went live and phone and enquires flowing,”
He also gave us five stars for Customer Service, Value for Money and Quality.

UK Marine Services, Buckie, Moray

“The expertise of Canary Dwarf would be a great asset to any business requiring this type of service to promote their business. – Ken Wood, UK Marine Services
UK Marine Services needed to impress clients in major oil and shipping companies

UK Marine Services needed to impress clients in major oil and shipping companies

UK Marine Services is the trading name of Ken Wood in Buckie. He has an enviable CV which lists most major oil companies, and a list of certification longer than your proverbial arm.
Ken’s website was launched in February to meet demand from the oil industry as it prepares new tenders for marine services.
We prepared a customised layout using WordPress CMS and installed it on our award-winning webserver platform.
Ken told us the website was an ‘instant success’, and wrote the following email to us following the launch of his new marketing tool:
“Many thanks for helping me to create my website which has been an instant success due to the professional manner in which you have set it up.
“Canary Dwarf was my first choice because i was impressed with their experienced response, flexibility and timescale along with competitive costings.
“The key points of success is to their excellent performance standards and established business experience which introduced a lot of business avenues and ideas.

ScrubVac Cleaning Equipment, Forres, Moray

“Canary Dwarf offer a one-to-one experience that big companies cannot match” – Jeff Bradford, ScrubVac
ScrubVac Cleaning Equipment is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of cleaning appliances, parts and accessories.
They came to us in late 2009 looking for a new ecommerce website. They had been running their own ISP-hosted solution for a while and had uploaded thousands of products individually, some of them many times! It was true to say that they had seriously outgrown the capabilities of their site.
ScrubVac needed a site that would help them manage their catalogue of over 40,000 products.

ScrubVac needed a site that would help them manage their catalogue of over 40,000 products.

With a customer base that spreads across the industrial, commercial and household sectors, ScrubVac’s ecommerce site needed to be user-friendly and adaptable. Customers needed to be able to locate products easily, and staff needed to be able to manage their online stock with ease.
We specified our affiliate ecommerce CMS (content management system) from VPASP which proved to be an ideal solution. Comfortably serving all 40,000+ products, with additional facilities such as discount codes, gift vouchers, multiple payment options, European VAT rates, worldwide shipping calculation, secure SSL shopping cart and much more.
Behind the scenes, ScrubVac have the facility to control their catalogue through the comprehensive but easy-to-use control panel, which allows them to edit their stock and their content with ease.
Asked why ScrubVac chose Canary Dwarf for their ecommerce project, managing director Jeff Bradford said: “I wanted to have a local company do the project, i did get prices over the web from other companies initially just for a guide, but in the end price was only a small factor in my decision.
“I explained to Marc what I wanted and how much control I needed myself. We required an unlimited categories and products with a fresh clean look. Marc made my old site seem like a car boot sale, compared to the fresh new approach he has brought to the site now.”
Marc Hindley of Canary Dwarf, said: “We were delighted to have the opportunity of working with Jeff and his team at ScrubVac. Like us, they take great pride in customer service and that was clear from time spent in their office and depot.”


Highland Paper and The Papershed, Forres

Highland Paper uses two sites to serve the wholesale and retail arms of their business

Highland Paper is a well-established stationery supplies family-run business serving the Highlands and Moray. It is run by Peter Dick and his son Stewart and Melanie Redican.
Peter has worked in the paper industry for over thirty years having been managing director of Bunzl Fine Paper and chairman of Donald Murray Paper.
Stewart specified a catalogue-type site for his trade clients to view his range of stock. We advised on various usability issues and wrote a bespoke content management system so Stewart could add his own products and photographs at his convenience.
We built the site to be compliant with search engines and added a module to post special offers to the front page.
Stewart recently opened a retail shop on Toolbooth Street in Forres, and he wanted a separate site for this.
We built a mini brochure site, with a design which complements the Highland Paper site.
Highland Paper have a growing mailing list, and to service this we designed a newsletter template and gave him access to our CreateSend newsletter application, a tried and tested which makes creating and sending a newsletter easy and professional.

Highland Foundation for Wildlife

Highland Foundation for Wildlife wanted to be able to edit their website when following migrating birds.


The Highland Foundation for Wildlife operate a huge programme of bird tracking and management across the Highlands. Over several years it has recorded some of Scotland’s key wildlife progresses, such as the introduction of sea eagles and the GPS tracking of osprey and golden eagle.

Website owner Roy Dennis had built up a large online resource of animals and birds. His work includes attaching satellite transmitters to migrating birds and tracking their migrations around the world.
Roy needed a better system of managing his website and he chose WordPress after after having some hands-on experience with it on another project. He was impressed by the ease and flexibility it ofered him to publish the information he resourced on a daily basis.
We built the framework for Roy and his team, and did some of the technical work, but we also provide training for his staff to be able to flesh out the site with information.