QR codes

If you’ve seen one of these recently and wondered what is was, it’s a QR code. If you already knew that, then you are one-step ahead in this amazing new method of customer engagement.

With a free app, you can scan codes like this to save the fiddly effort of typing website addresses on you mobile keyboard

QR codes are ‘visual hyperlinks’ which means you can visit a website simply by pointing your smartphone at it.

While this process currently requires an app, the convenience this brings to mobile web use is clear.

Think about the hyperlink for a moment and how frustrating the web would be if you couldn’t click on anything and had to type EVERY single address into a browser in order to visit a web page.

That’s what it’s like for users who are trying to access your content when they’re mobile. QR codes make this process easier, by taking them straight to your mobile content without the inconvenience of thumbing addresses into mobile phones.

And accessing this content on mobile platforms is becoming increasingly important as the digerati swap their mobile phones for all-singing, all-dancing, touch screen smartphones.

Clicking a hyperlink on your desktop – scanning a QR code when you’re out and about – see the similarity?

And so that means QR codes can be used when your customers are away from their homes and offices, whether on posters, press advertising, stationery, or point-of-sale material to instantly access additional media types such as video, audio and interactive web to static marketing material.

And offline is where they really come into their own. They offer flexibility to your static printed marketing material.

Canary Dwarf have been significantly involved with QR codes over the last two years, advising businesses and providing marketing ideas for their use in print media. In fact, we even launched a microsite (QR Scotland) and Twitter stream to promote them.

Customers include Scottish Enterprise, Mary King’s Close and the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group. We have also exhibited nationally and given public presentations and talks all over Scotland.

Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh uses QR codes on its marketing material in print, taxi and airport advertising

QR codes can be described as a link between offline and online media, bringing the benefits and measurability of a technology solution to a static medium such as a leaflet or advert.

With our help you can avoid the most common mistakes that businesses and marketers make, ensure your code has longevity, and passes our strict testing procedure in all common apps, operating systems and devices.

QR codes are free to generate, have no licence restrictions and can hold links to mobile web pages, social networks, videos, or trigger phone calls, text messages and calendar entries, or simply just text.

We have built our own QR code generator which produces high quality direct-link codes free of charge at QRwee. We’ve also added QR code generation functionality to some of our customers’ websites and WordPress content management systems.

This software has produced over 5000 different QR codes for various projects, and our printed codes have been reproduced on print marketing material with print runs in excess of 140,000 copies.

In Scotland, we are in the best strategic position to give advice on using QR codes in your marketing campaigns.

If you want to know how QR codes can help your business, contact us today.

To download the app, visit i-nigma.mobi (on your mobile) to automatically detect your operating system and download the app. (Older Blackberry devices should search for ‘neoreader’)