Digital marketing and PR

Peacock – getting attention
Some know how to get noticed. Others need help

Marketing your business, organisation or event is a lot like baking a cake. You have to get all the ingredients right in order for it to turn out well. Getting it nearly right isn’t good enough. And it’s not just what goes into it, get the oven temperature wrong, take it out too early (or too late!) and you’ve wasted your time.

Marketing and PR – the perfect mix

There are marketing companies and there are PR companies. Sometimes they do both. Canary Dwarf has solid experience in each camp from working in the news and advertising departments of newspapers, and marketing at large events.

What matters most is what your business gets out of it. Loads of PR coverage might get your name out in the public eye. But marketing is what turns those eyeballs into customers.

And that’s why we don’t specialise in one camp or the other – so that we can deliver what’s best for you at one inclusive price.

That means you’ll get exactly what you need from our full range of services – PR, SEO, copywriting, email, search, social, etc.

We’ll analyse your resources, your potential target market and the products and services you want to sell, and then provide you with a cost-effective way to reach more customers.

A good marketing investment

We’re Google-certified so we can help you see a real return on your investment through pay-per-click advertising and SEO (search engine optimisation)

We’ll help you build a practical, affordable marketing plan that you can keep and evolve forever.

Chicken or egg?

It’s sometimes difficult for you as a business owner to know what tools and techniques you should use first. Many of our customers come to us for, say, search engine optimisation, or social media training, when their resources could be better directed elsewhere.

By liaising with you and building on your existing resources and discovering the most fruitful marketing opportunities, we will show you the best way to spend your marketing budget for maximum return.

This ultimately means you’re not wasting your time and money on marketing ‘hype’ that fails to make the grade.

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