PPC for charities

The Google Ad Grant Scheme allows charities to apply for $10,000 (around £6000) of search advertising, and Canary Dwarf can help your charity apply for the grant and set up the ads.

Charities using Google Ads can benefit from the same advantages as commercial customers, such as driving targeted traffic to their website through marketing campaigns.

Getting started

Your charity or non-profits must be eligible. The scheme welcome applications from any charity or non-profit organisation.

Please bear in mind that the grant doesn’t cover the cost of setting up the ads. However, Canary Dwarf offers an affordable set-up and management service.

We are able to manage the entire process for your organisation, including the grant application, and we’ll help you determine the best use of Google Ads and campaigns for your organisation.

Are you eligible? Get in touch, and we can help.

Existing Google Ad Grant users

Last year, Google made some changes to its regulations for charities which have an Ad Grant account.

New rules

  • Ad Grants must have a specific location targeting
  • All campaigns feature at least two ad groups
  • All ad groups feature at least two active ads
  • We have multiple sitelink ad extensions across all campaigns
  • The click-through rate must stay above 5%
  • The account is logged into at least once a month
  • A change to the account has to be made every 90 days

Canary Dwarf can help you manage your account and campaign to stay compliant.