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Digital, content, engagement; Are you actually sick of the constant barrage of expectations these words throw up. You should be doing digital, you should be doing social, and you should be creating content. Yet for thouands of businesses, this seemingly easy task is conversely elusive.

“There are people who are generic. They make generic responses and they expect generic answers. They live inside a box and they think people who don’t fit into their box are weird. But I’ll tell you what, generic people are the weird people. They are like genetically-manipulated plants growing inside a laboratory, like indistinguishable faces, like droids. Like ignorance.”

C JoyBell C, inspirational author and thinker

This pearl of wisdom perfectly sums up our approach to digital marketing, and it destroys the formulaic, one-size fits-all doctrine of many a social media marketer that will have you believe that marketing nirvana is easily solved with their magic.

We think we’re different because we don’t toe the same line as other marketing companies. We don’t think you should be spending your days tweeting, writing content, engaging. There is a place for that, but it’s only a small slice of the pie.

Digital marketing is really just marketing. Like many aspects of your life, it’s the tools that have become digital. the process is still rooted in the staples of psychology, and that’ll never be digital.

About Canary Dwarf

Canary Dwarf is a full-stack digital marketing agency run by Marc Hindley.

The quirky name comes from the analogy of the revolutionary change that happened when national newspapers moved lock, stock and barrel from Fleet Street to London Docklands and took up offices in Canary Wharf.

Marc was helping smaller newspapers such as the Oban Times and Highland News move from old, noisy, smelly lead typesetting to computerised page make-up – but on a smaller scale, hence the name.

Digital journalism

In 2005, after many years as a production journalist, he started Canary Dwarf as a web design agency. He continued to work with local newspapers and developed 12 websites for Scottish Provincial Press before becoming web editor at the publishing group.

That was before Google even existed and certainly before social media was a twinkle in Mark Zuckerburg’s eye.

Canary Dwarf has an established a reputation for honest, practical advice that works. Just read our testimonials.

Awards and recognition

In 2009, when most people thought a tweet was just a noise that birds make, Canary Dwarf won the first Golden Twits award for use of social media for its news aggregator Moray Firth Live.

We proudly beat 40 shortlisted entries including Channel 4. If you think that was a long time ago, we were already in our third year of using Twitter. Early adopters are us!

Customer service is very important to us. We’re one of the first businesses in Moray to be WorldHost accredited, having completed training for this world-class standard. So you can expect to be cared for from beginning to end.

Today, Canary Dwarf is recognised as one of the leading providers of website and marketing services in Moray. The business is owned by Marc and Susan Hindley, and operates from their base in Forres, Moray.

Marc Hindley

Marc has worked in newspapers and media for more than three decades, working his way through all departments – typesetting, advertising, editorial, photography. He’s even owned and edited his own newspapers, online and offline. He was instrumental in the launch of 12 newspaper websites while at Scottish Provincial Press in 2000, and went on to be group web editor.

He combines these skills today to bring a cohesive approach to online marketing. It is this multi-pronged attack that serves to differentiate the service Canary Dwarf offers. By combining skills learned from a variety of media both online and offline, he can guide you and your business through the digital maze.

He has accreditation from Google in search marketing and has completed the Facebook Blueprint training for business page marketing and advertising. He’s also recently become a qualified drone pilot, so he can take your business to… wait for it… a higher level.

Contact him by email or telephone on 01309 255055, or find him on LinkedIn
  • Google Adwords Certification (x2)
  • Facebook Blueprint Marketing certification (x34)
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certificate
  • Worldhost Customer Service Certificate
  • Certificate of Practical Flight Assessment, Certificate of Competence in Remote Pilot Theoretical Knowledge/General Airmanship Syllabus

PRCA individual member
Marc Hindley – Hubspot inbound certified

Susan Hindley

Susan Hindley

Susan is not only Marc’s wife but his right-hand man (or should that be woman?).

She manages the office, the diaries, and the paperwork, and has built a genuine following on Twitter for her tips and insights.

She doesn’t like spiders, which is a bit strange for someone who works on the web.

Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs

Russell joined us in 2012 and is the ‘third man’ at Canary Dwarf.

He fits in so well, you could say he’s ‘in his element’, he’s never had a day off and often the one we turn to for inspiration. He makes great tea and coffee and is loved by customers and staff.

In his spare time, he likes to cool down and relax, and always jumps straight into action when refreshment is required.

We still haven’t managed to convert him to WordPress though – the plugins just aren’t compatible!

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