Content marketing

We were creating content when it was called words and pictures

Creating content to promote your business organisation or event is nothing new.

Savvy marketers have been doing it for years, writing blogs on WordPress, posting pictures on Instagram, shooting videos for YouTube, and as online marketing becomes increasingly cohesive it has earned a new name.

Words, pictures and videos are all content, and all can be used as a tool for marketing and telling your story.

Content and content marketing are two separate things, so it is fair to say that having a website which has a significant amount of content on it, is not the same as running a content marketing campaign.

Journalistic heritage

Canary Dwarf was built on a legacy of journalism and we know a thing or two about creative writing, powerful photography and shooting videos.

Digital delivery is certainly different, but the emotional connection gained from words and images has never changed.

As journalists, we never talked about content the way we do as marketers because it was just never called that collectively. With the advent of social media and blogs, and the rise of ‘content curation’, we are able to produce, combine and disseminate content much more easily and this has led to new terms to describe the group of things that you can do to get your products and services noticed.

Canary Dwarf have decades of experience in these fields and can help you produce a catalogue of content including:

  • Copywriting – The first rule of marketing is to have good readable copy
  • Articles and blogs that showcase your knowledge and expertise
  • White papers that help to educate your customers on specific topics
  • Microcontent for social networks
  • Videos (long-form and short-form)
  • Photography, pictures create a visual impact over your competitors
  • Adverts for online and offline media, including social networks
  • Audio a great way to promote less demanding, rich content

Many of our customers come to us because they struggle with the amount of time required to produce content and run their business at the same time.

You tell us that you’re not sure what to write about or whether video is executed properly.

That’s where we come in, taking a broad look all the content marketing opportunities your business is producing.

We take away the worry, and we work with you to provide content as a standalone piece or cumulative collections.


Without doubt, content is the single, biggest advantage your business can have over its competitors, and that’s often the first place we alook when developing a content marketing strategy for our clients.

Call us today. We want to start creating your content tomorrow.

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