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WordPress is the world’s leading website creation software, powering more than 42% of all websites. That’s some 700 million websites. Here are some up-to-date and interesting WordPress stats, and it’s clear to see that it’s soaring ahead of all its competitors.

WordPress scores highly for its ease of use, vast selection of plugins, and widely available support.

And Canary Dwarf is one’s of Scotland’s longest-established WordPress agencies, adopting it in 2008 when digital marketers shunned it as insecure, clunky, blogging software. They were wrong of course, and through the passage of time, have swallowed their pride and are now embracing it.

We believe WordPress offers the most flexible, portable and affordable way to build a business website.

What we particularly like about it, is that it gives you the option to take as much, or as little, involvement in the building and running of it.

WordPress – flexible, affordable and portable

Every business, organisation or event is different, and Canary Dwarf understands that website owners have diverse needs, skills and resources.

WordPress meets this with flexibility. From a customer-facing viewpoint, customisation of the look and feel is cost-efficient, driven by a modular structure that allows for features to be added easily and quickly.

From a management point of view, ease of use plays a vital role in using company resources. We offer simple or extensive training to allow customers to log in to their website and make changes without the traditional delay and cost of relying on a website company to make changes. This puts your website in your control.


How much does a website cost is a common question we are asked, but this depends very much on your requirement, your resources and of course your budget.

The price can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds, depending on many things. As a provider that exclusively offered WordPress since 2008, Canary Dwarf has become one of the leading providers in Scotland to know this platform inside out, and offer benefits that others can’t.

Our familiarity with the system means we’ve learnt ways to service customers where cost is an overriding factor. Small businesses sometimes only require small websites, and we can provide that, quickly and efficiently.

In fact, our one-day SiteBuilder course is testament to our ability to know our tools. We provide a hands-on, one-day, one-to-one workshop, where we work side-by-side with the customer (over Zoom or Skype if necessary) to build a website in a day.

That’s all the marketing, functionality, content and optimisation decisions, turned around in a single day, and a whole day of training for the customer. We provide hosting, maintenance and ongoing support… for life.

WordPress is ‘friendly’

With 20 years’ experience designing and building websites, one of the first to include responsive markup as standard, we can design your site to be as unique as your business.

With the help of WordPress, we make sure all our websites meet three tests of friendliness.


Since 2012, every singe website we have produced has been built to be responsive. That means the your website will be the same, whether you view it on a mobile phone, desktop, laptop, TV, or any other device that has a browser. This means means the website adapts to the size of the screen to make it readable and usable, dependant on the screen size.


People often say WordPress is ‘good for SEO’ and it is, but the truth is, it depends on a lot more than that. Your content, structure, links and some technical stuff all contribute to make a website rank for the terms you want. However, we make sure that the websites we put out have the highest chance of ranking well in seach engines. And we’ll even show you how to rank higher if that’s your goal.


Last but not least, this is perhaps the single biggest advantage your website should have, and the one we believe is least often considered, The way your website visitors use your website is of paramount importance in getting them to take further action, whether that is making an enquiry, viewing your content and buying your product.

You can count on our experience to provide you with the right solution. Our knowledge of the platform is second-to-none, having adopted it as our preferred CMS (content management system) back in 2008.

Whether your focus is on the design element, process management, or if you need ecommerce or ticketing, WordPress is the right system, and Canary Dwarf is the right company to help you.

WordPress Express

Having built literally hundreds of websites with WordPress, we’ve learnt a thing or two about working efficiently.

So if you’re in a hurry, or working to a tight budget, we can now offer you WordPress Express. This is a fast-track service that is generally suitable for micro-businesses and sole traders. You can get a professional-looking website up and running quickly with WordPress Express.

More about WordPress Express

SiteBuilder (one-day website workshop)

Our one-day website workshop is the ideal way to learn the inner workings of your website without jargon. This six-hour (2x3hr) session provides you with all the knowledge you need to manage your website on a daily basis.

It’s includes everything you need for the first year. You’ll leave at the end of the day with a fully-functioning professional website.


Taking payments online is a superb way to automate your sales. Your customers can browse your product on your website and pay for them without the need for bricks and mortar.

With sites on our books from a single niche product to a nationwide catalogue of 40,000, we have the expertise to build your ecommerce site exactly to your specifications.

WordPress training

We have built something of a reputation for our training, and with more than 20 years of experience training businesses and individuals, we can pass on our WordPress skills to you.

Why WordPress

At the heart of all the websites we build for clients, is WordPress, a bare-bones software framework that allows us to build anything for anyone with ease and flexibility. Once scorned by purists, it now dominates the web design industry as the world’s most widely used website building tool and a fantastically robust and secure platform, with unparalleled flexibility .

We use WordPress because we believe it has the right combination of flexibility, robustness and portability that makes it a cost-effective business application. It lends itself not only to creative design, but also as a marketing tool, nimbly adapting to many uses, and easy for the technically-challenged to manage.

Read more about WordPress

Care and maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your website is essential to keep it safe, secure, fast, and above all, working hard for your business. We can provide training so that you can care for your website yourself, or you can have total peace of mind with one of our website care and maintenance packages, which provide daily backups, security scans and guarantees if something should go wrong.

What’s included in our WordPress care and maintenance packages

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