Why we don’t work with Wix

Wix is a well-developed and capable website builder, but we do not work with it. We specialise in one platform, WordPress to build our familiarity with it and deepen our expertise.

Wix is best suited to those who want to build their website from a template and save money on professional development costs. If you don’t have additional needs for a website designer or developer, this option may suit you best.

If Wix was a vehicle, you’d have access to the door, seats, dashboard and the yellow-marked fluid inlets in the engine bay. But that would be it.

WordPress, on the other hand, while it works for many people as a self-build option, has complete and unhindered access to the core code and breakable bits.

Likewise, if WordPress was a vehicle, it would be a 1972 Landrover. That is, you could unscrew every bolt with a collection of three spanners.

This website builder is best suited to those who want a flexible, professional site with options to customise.

We often get people coming to us with a Wix site, asking if we can fix something. They’ve reached the end of the road in terms of customisation, and the tools Wix gives you don’t allow for that level of flexibility.

We believe that this is the time to migrate to WordPress, even if the design is similar, the flexibility is just the beginning.

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