Social media marketing

Social media

Social media, love it or hate it, has become deeply entwined in our modern lives, and it makes sense that we look to use it in modern marketing.

And you want to know how to harness it in your business, organisation or event for that very reason.

While it may appear to be the newest, sexiest thing in marketing, we’re not going to disillusion you. It won’t change anything about your business overnight. People won’t suddenly start queuing up to buy from you just because you post more on Facebook or get a Pinterest account going.

You do the social, we do the media

This is our mantra. Media is our background. Our expertise was honed in the world of newspapers and magazines. If a company only offers social media, it is likely they don’t have this vital knowledge of harnessing a medium in the consumer space. You’ll hear statements such as ‘it’s called SOCIAL media for a reason’, and ‘engagement is the key to social media success’, yet social impact doesn’t easily translate to sales.

We know that the media aspect is far more important from a marketing point of view and the social part is something that spins off from properly-done media, and we don’t offer you X tweets and Facebook posts per month, and then feed you a pie chart of likes, comments and shares.

You pay us to get customers, so that’s how we approach it.

Messenger chatbots

Automating your messenger chats is becoming the new kid on the block, with an astounding conversion rate. It works by providing smart answers to pre-determined questions.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Without doubt, we have seen the most success in social media from Facebook ads. They offer an evolved self-service platform, flexible targeting, low entry cost, and measurable results.

We’ve been specifying Facebook advertising for our customers for many years and have spent thousands of pounds creating campaigns locally, all over the UK and around the world.

Organic social media campaigns

Where most social media companies will offer to provide you with ‘engaging content’ and ‘increase your likes’ we believe that your return on investment will come from social media advertising and not organic posts.

There are some exceptions such as large retailers and events, where typically there is either enough content and resources to keep a feed active, or in the case of an event, interest gathers pace as the event nears, but otherwise remember that a healthy organic presence will require considerable time and effort, or in the case of agency fees, unjustified cost.

Social media training

So this is where ‘you do the social, we do the media, comes into play, because while we handle your advertising campaigns professionally, you should also maintain a social presence on your networks. We think that a PR company being social on your behalf is fake and unnatural… we simply couldn’t take part in your customer conversations the same way you could.

However, we do recognise that people still struggle with social media, so we can provide training to get your account set up property and give you guidance and assistance on what to say, and how much time to spend on it.

The beauty of cross-pollination

The other benefit of not being a social media company exclusively means, not only can we advise you if there are better techniques to use than Facebook, Instagram et al, but we can also combine them for best effect. So for example, if we make you a video for your website, we can show you how to also make the most of it on Facebook.

If we think you will benefit from email marketing, we can use Facebook advertising to increase your subscribers. Can your specialist do that?

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