Clickbait – our new pick of the clicks

Digital marketing and social media are so overloaded with noise, hype and buzzwords that it’s often easy to miss the really good stuff.
You’re not alone. Thousands of people like you are being bombarded with buzzwords and hype every day.
Well, we’re going to help you with our new online newsletter – Clickbait.
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Each week, we’ll sift through the thousands of links that filter through our networks and give our honest comment on what’s useful for your business.
We’re not going to sell you anything, send you affiliate links, or urge you to like, comment and share, we’re drawing on our newspaper background to give you a short digest of independently sourced good stuff.
Basically, we’re editing out the rubbish.
You’ll get:

  • The pick of the best links over the past seven days (we see thousands every week!)
  • Insight from thought leaders, although sometimes controversial (why shouldn’t we shake things up a little?)
  • Useful news about developments in digital, social and web, with the emphasis on ‘useful’

Aren’t you just adding to the noise?

Good point, but no, we don’t think so. We work in this business day in, day out, and we know what’s right, what works and why. In fact we’ve worked in it from the beginning. Before social media and digital marketing were a thing. We made newspapers with our bare hands. We used telephones and had face-to-face conversations.
We moved with the times and now we’re doing media digitally. We pass this kind of information on to our customers every day. Why shouldn’t we share it with you as well. You might already be one of our customers.
It’s just going to a be a short, readable round-up of great picks from the past week.
Sign up today. It’s free.
All we need is your first name and your email address.
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