PPC (pay-per-click) – Paid Search Advertising

Getting your website to the top of Google search results organically can take time. 

PPC (pay-per-click) offers a quick and easy way to get that top spot in exchange for payment. You pay for the keywords and phrases that you want to be found for, and Google promotes you to people who search for the same words or phrases, You can choose whether the match is rigid or flexible.

Paid search is quick, so you see your ads and links almost immediately, which makes it great for searches that suddenly become popular, perhaps related to events in the news, or seasonal campaigns.

Targeting is driven by your keywords and keyphrases. You choose the words you want your ad to show for, and you set your budget.

We have more than 18 years’ experience with search engines and can deliver multi-pronged advertising campaigns. Our emphasis is on returning your investments, we build campaigns that deliver leads, enquiries and sales.

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