PPC Remarketing and Retargeting

PPC remarketing works by showing people ads after they’ve already visited your website. We call it ‘second chance advertising’, or ‘reminder advertising’.

Google Ads and Facebook are well-evolved for remarketing, and frequently this is a very powerful way to capture people who are getting closer to the point of buying or enquiring.

It works by putting a piece of code on your website that recognises when a user visits the page. If they then go to another site, or onto Facebook, that person can be shown an ad that is highly relevant to their visit to your website.

For example, if somebody comes to your clothing website, and visits a page about a waterproof jacket, but doesn’t buy, or take any other action, we can set up a campaign to show them an ad for that jacket on Facebook and other sites. That’s why we call it reminder advertising, because it reminds people what they were interested in.

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