Website SEO audit

Any search optimisation task is pointless unless we know what’s working for you and against you. A website SEO audit helps us gather the data we need to execute an cost-effective campaign. It is quite possible that some areas don’t need as much attention as others, and so the price we quote you will take any existing positives into account.

Because good SEO has evolved around usability, an Audit will provide all-round valuable foundation for real long-term improvements.

We have more than 20 years experience working with search engines, and if you’re doing the maths, you’ll know that goes back before Google was the behemoth it is today. Our first ventures into SEO involved some of the very first names in search, such as Yahoo!, Lycos and Inktomi, to name a few.

In your audit, we’ll look at:

  • The use of keywords and keyphrases, and missing opportunities
  • Content quality and uniqueness
  • Canonicalisation, or avoidance of duplication
  • Geography of your target audience and how appropriate your content is for it
  • Site architecture and page/link structure
  • Broken links, site errors and crawl errors
  • Last, but definitely not least is page speed
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