Frequently asked questions

Where do I start?

This is a common question. It’s a confusing marketplace. Social media, search engine optimisation, email marketing. We encourage you to start… at the beginning. Explain to us what it is your business does, what you’re trying to achieve, and we’ll help you reach that goal. If you start at the beginning, everything happens in the right order. It’s no good doing SEO if your website is not converting customers, and it’s no good redesigning it, if there’s other fundamemntal flaws in your online process. People come to us with a crumpled road map. We’ll help you flatten it all out and get back on the right road.

How much will everything cost?

Prices for our services depend mostly on the amount of time we spend on a project. We charge by the hour and will always try and estimates exactly how long a project will take.
For small websites, this is relatively easy and mostly we will be able to give an estimate which accurately reflects the time we will spend on it. If we quote you a fixed price, we will provide you with a list of tasks that we will complete.
For marketing and ongoing work we will estimate the quantity of hours required to meet your needs, based on our initial interview.

What experience do you have?

We are one of Moray’s longest established web design and development businesses. Canary Dwarf was established in 2005, but owner Marc Hindley has been working in onlne and offline media for over two decades. We have over 200 customers in our portfolio, from small home-based businesses to large organisations turning over £3 million a year.
We have substantial experience in designing and developing websites, running online marketing campaigns and training businesses to use web tools to run the online side of the businesss efficiently.

I’ve got a website, but it’s not doing anything for my business. Can you help?

Almost certainly. A lot of businesses come to us with this problem.

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