The limitations of WordPress!

I really wanted to write this post as it will answer a question that many won’t ask.
Our client was having a website built. Nothing fancy, but clearly they had reservations about the use of our chosen content management system, WordPress.
They asked me…

Is WordPress right for us, given its limitations?

WordPress is a blank canvasGreat question. To say it doesn’t have limitations would be wrong, nothing in this world is unlimited.
But WordPress was not only adequate for this client’s project, but flexible enough to be the last website they will ever need.
Any limitations it has would not inhibit this website from meeting, or even exceeding, all of the requirements in the brief.
In fact, WordPress is flexible enough to meet the requirements of every single project we do.
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From a single page website for a retailer to an ecommerce website selling a range of 40,000 products all over the world.
With WordPress, we build mobile-friendly, search-friendly, websites for businesses, organisations and events.

WordPress – no limits?

‘Limitations’ isn’t one of the words that springs to mind when using this, neither do I think it would be for the hundreds of millions of site owners using it on the hundreds of millions of sites out there.
This question actually made me chuckle, so let’s look at where any potential limitations could lie:

  • Number of pages/posts: No
  • Number of images: Nope
  • Number of visitors: Unlimited
  • Creative flexibity. Are you kidding?
  • Functional flexibility. Hardly
  • Availability of languages: Plenty
  • Availability of updates: Free of charge and often installed automatically
  • Good for ecommerce: Absolutely

So as you can see, its hardly limited. And it’s not even limited to low budget sites or small businesses.
This list of 40 big brand websites that are built on WordPress demonstrates that.
From the iconic Rolling Stones’ back catalogue website to Facebook’s Newsroom, WordPress is serving the needs of businesses and organisations that have a need for an efficient, reliable tool for publishing and managing content.
With WordPress, there are NO limits.

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