How did you know that about me?

Ever wondered how companies seem to know what you’re interested in? Or mysteriously seem to know your age group? Or perhaps you didn’t notice that the marketing messages you receive are often derived from a database that you’ve helped to build.
Public records, for example will show your age, your postcode and your address, which will all give away snippets of information useful to marketers.
Supermarket loyalty card schemes will collect buying patterns and configure offers that match your ‘shopping profile’. You smile at their ability to send you vouchers for things you like, and they smile back when you spend more in their store on the things you might have left till next week or next month, or maybe for convenience you might have bought it elsewhere.
Take a look at the infographic below and see just how many ways marketers are using information collected about you.
And if you think this is all a bit spooky, just remember, that a lot of the time, you have probably opted in to have your information used in this way.
Declassified: Bringing Data Broker Secrets Out of the Shadows

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