Next year is going to be… mobile

The website business is not a particularly seasonal one, but for us, this time of year is always busier than the rest. We don’t really know why, other than we expect it’s because with the new year approaching it’s time for businesses to think about how their website has been performing, and how it could be improved NEXT year, and they want to see what their options are.
Many businesses are interested or concerned about the effect of the mobile web, and customers have been contacting us to find out what they need to do, if anything.
Well, the truth is, it depends on your type of business. Some of our customers have an anticipated mobile audience next year of 30% of all their traffic. That’s a figure which can’t be ignored. Others have as little as 4%, and the investment for them at this stage is probably not ‘returnable’.
We will be launching some new mobile websites for customers in early 2012, and it’s really exciting to be working with people who have grasped the concept that their customers are really starting to use their mobiles for more than just making phone calls.
Suddenly, we are being asked to build websites that work on mobile phones and tablets, and I mean ‘work properly’, not just shrunk. So we have invested time in making sure we can deliver the right product for OUR customers, based on the needs of THEIR customers.
So with six sites to launch before the end of this year, and three already booked in for 2012, our work’s cut out, and we’ve been actively looking for freelancers to help us fulfill new orders on time, and have just completed recent projects which have been largely handled entirely by our new connections.
And the good news is they’re local, and they know their onions. So we’ll no longer be telling customers to ‘come back next year!’

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