QR codes convert smartphone agnostic

In web marketing, we talk a lot about conversions, which is, loosely, the process of ‘converting’ browsers into buyers through a website.
I was invited last week to speak at Culloden House Hotel in Inverness with social media trainer Rene Looper of Tuminds.
I’m pleased to say that we ‘converted’ at least two members of the audience to invest in ‘mobile’.
The first was a man who, at the outset, was happy to be one of the two non-smartphone owners present. His current mobile phone ‘had not been switched on for eight days’ and his number was known only to him and his network provider. We thought this chap was going to be a tough cookie.

The audience asked lots of interesting questions
But 18 minutes from the end of the 3.5-hour presentation, he raised his hand and admitted we’d converted him and that he would indeed now be getting a smartphone.
When we asked him what had changed his mind, he said that it was our short piece on QR codes that had convinced him.
Conversion number two came following a follow-up email from Rene. One of the delegates emailed him to say thanks, and that she’d gone straight out and bought an iPad.
The other non-smartphone owner in the audience did ask for advice on what to buy, so we may have scored a hat-trick…
It certainly highlighted the effect that the mobile web is having on business people. The numbers don’t lie. We held a straw poll, based on the current statistic that between 25% and 50% own a smartphone (depending on what you read). In our audience, it was 85%.
Smartphones are already outselling desktops and laptops combined, and it is predicted that by the end of 2013, most people will be accessing the internet from a mobile device. We don’t doubt that.
So we take our hats off to the audience that recognised the fact they needed to find out more about the future of social media and mobile web.
How is your business preparing for the mobile web? Do you have a mobile strategy? If you need help, then contact us.

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