Say hello to Feathers McDwarf

He. She. It. The bird. These are just some of the names the fine feathered friend in our logo has been referred to as.
But we have determined ‘it’ is a ‘he’ and now has a proper name!
We held a mini-contest to give the bird a name after we decided he, she or it needed to feature more prominently in our marketing material.
We had a number of excellent names suggested, but we liked three in particular, Tweety, suggested by Lewis Bassett, Feathers McDwarf, suggested by Gill Redmond and Dickie Boyd, suggested by Colin Taylor.
So we asked our Facebook and Twitter fans to pick their favourite, and they did.
And it was Gill’s suggestion that they chose and we will honour their choice.
Say hello to Feathers McDwarf.
So, from today, our bird will be know by that name, and you will start to see a little more of him soon.
Gill wins a copy of the Website Owners Manual by Paul Boag.
Thanks to all for participating.

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