Ecommerce site handles over 40,000 products with ease

This week we launch a new website for one of the UK’s largest suppliers of cleaning appliances, parts and accessories.
ScrubVac Cleaning Equipment is based in Forres, Moray and is an approved supplier for brands such as Nilfisk, Numatic, Dyson etc. They came to us in late 2009 with a request to provide an ecommerce site for their expanding range of products.
With a customer base that spreads across the industrial, commercial and household sectors, ScrubVac’s ecommerce site needed to be user-friendly and adaptable. Customers needed to be able to locate products easily, and staff needed to be able to manage their online stock with ease.
Our affiliate ecommerce CMS (content management system) from VPASP proved to be an ideal solution with all aspects of ScrubVac’s needs catered for. Comfortably serving all 40,000+ products, the software also facilitates discount codes, gift vouchers, multiple payment options, European VAT rates, worldwide shipping calculation, secure SSL shopping cart and much more.
Behind the scenes, ScrubVac have the facility to control their catalogue through the comprehensive but easy-to-use control panel, which allows them to edit their stock and their content with ease.

“Canary Dwarf offer a one-to-one experience that big companies cannot match” – Jeff Bradford, ScrubVac

Asked why ScrubVac chose Canary Dwarf for their ecommerce project, managing director Jeff Bradford said: “I wanted to have a local company do the project, i did get prices over the web from other companies initially just for a guide, but in the end price was only a small factor in my decision.
“I told Marc what I wanted and how much control I wanted myself. We required an unlimited categories and products with a fresh clean look. Marc made my old site seem like a car boot sale, compared to the fresh new approach he has brought to the site now.”
Marc Hindley of Canary Dwarf, said: “We were delighted to have the opportunity of working with Jeff and his team at ScrubVac. Like us, they take great pride in customer service and that was clear from time spent in their office and depot.”
“Their website is testament to the strength of our ecommerce software. The VPASP system serves 40 or 40,000 products with the same ease. Managing a site of this size requires tools that are adaptable and robust. VPASP scores on both fronts.”

“Noting that B&Q sells just 12,000 products through its website quickly puts this project into perspective” – Marc Hindley, Canary Dwarf.

Canary Dwarf were able to bring programming expertise into the mix to deal with price list updates from their suppliers.
“We wrote an add-on for the site to analyse all the product codes in the new price list and match them to the existing database and change them if they were different,” said Marc. “That add-on will be used every time a new price list is published, and it demonstrates how we, as developers, are able to adapt our products to suit our clients’ needs.”
Jeff added: “Communication between Marc and ScrubVac has been very honest and straightforward. He soon sussed out what our own capabilities were and helped me grow them so i did not have to depend on him totally. He gave us a few hours training on how to upload content which has saved us loads of time.
“Marc’s experience has helped us iron out the mistakes we used to waste time on with the old site. He also helped us speed things up by creating link documents and adapting my own price lists so they could be uploaded to the database instantly. This saved us literally hundreds of manhours.”

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