SEO experts to the rescue!

SEO is possibly one of the most confusing aspects of web development.
It’s a jargon-filled minefield for the website owner with an unforgiving risk of doing the opposite of what you set out to do – improve your search engine position.
And if you take a look around at the plethora of businesses specialising in search engine optimisation, you’ll see their sites are mostly littered with technical terms about the backlinks, niche longtail phrases, keyword density and stuff like that. Doesn’t really get the juices flowing does it?
And it’s a case of a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.
But a bunch of SEO experts in Aberdeen have come up with a light-hearted way to explain the basics.
Red Evolution have enlisted the help of a superhero to explain all about search engine optimisation. They also agree SEO continues to confuse and perplex people and are hoping this novel approach will leave even the most reluctant website owners in no doubt about what SEO is and why it can make the difference between on-line success and on-line failure.
SEO consultant at Red Evolution, Dave Robinson, said “SEO Man is one of our collection of super heroes, characters we’ve created to help communicate complex theories in simple plain English. We’re quite proud of SEO Man’s first comic strip and feel sure it will help people grasp the basics of search engine optimisation.”
You can check out the SEO Man comic strip and see how he helps a confused website owner get to grips with the basic SEO function.
Red Evolution provide SEO services to organisations throughout the UK and specialise in helping businesses get more from their websites by identifying their markets, understanding their competition and creating best-in-class websites.

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