Textology – The science of communication

Canary Dwarf is delighted to announce the launch of a new service with its own dedicated website.
Textology deals specifically with SMS text messaging as a business marketing and information distribution tool.
Marc Hindley of Canary Dwarf, said: “SMS is still a powerful medium. Despite the huge rise in popularity amongst social networks, we are still experiencing a rise in the use of text messaging.”
“It’s a handy, fast communication service. It doesn’t require software, expensive phones or technical knowhow. Everybody has a mobile phone, and everybody knows how to send a text message.”
The text messaging platform will supply information on demand, on subscription, on location and on schedule. It’s flexibility allows us to work with any requirement. We are able to build applications specific to business needs or use ready-made service for tight budgets.
Businesses can use it in high profile marketing campaigns, or just to fix problems in their workflow. For example a five-digit number can be advertised that will allow users to ‘subscribe’ to updates. Or a business could use it privately amongst customers to have an automated appointment reminder service, “potentially saving them lost revenue from missed appointments, he added”
“We have partnered with a leading infrastructure provider with a robust connection to all UK mobile phone networks.”

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