WordPress in a Day

Build a website in a day, and learn the skills you need to manage and edit your content in the future.
WordPress has become the dominant software platform for small business to build flexible and efficient websites. It offers businesses the opportunity to create professional scalable websites without technical experience.
In this full-day session you will build a site from the ground up from a blank canvas. This is a hands-on experience designing, developing and creating content without any technical knowledge.
The day consists of:

  • Setting up WordPress and security essentials
  • Using the content editor and dashboard
  • Adding content and writing for humans and search engines
  • Driving traffic with email, social media, search and other means

Break for lunch

  • Designing and modifying the WordPress theme
  • Choosing and configuring plugins for functionality
  • Taking payments (ecommerce)
  • Valuable tools to enhance productivity

An experienced WordPress trainer will talk and walk you through every aspect of building and running a business website. You will be given a blank WordPress installation as a canvas to learn on and you can take this away at the end of the session for a small fee (£87 plus VAT) to cover the cost of hosting.
WordPress is a flexible tool that removes much of the technicalities associated with building your own website, and allows a much more business-focussed approach to website content.
Each delegate will have a chance to ask specific questions. Further optional support will be made available after the session.
Marc Hindley is an experienced WordPress trainer and developer, having created over 150 websites with the software. He has been working in online and offline media for over twenty years.

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