Mobile responsive design

Ninety per cent of people move between devices to accomplish a goal.
– Google

It’s not complicated, if you have a website, your customers should be able to access it using whatever device they have to hand.
Just a few years ago, the norm was to have a separate ‘mobile’ website built alongside your ‘normal’ one. To detect what alien hardware you were using, there would be a script that would redirect you to the mobile site appropriate to your device. However, the vast array of mobile devices now on sale means this is just no longer feasible.
Today, the right thing to do is design a single website that works across many devices. This is called ‘Responsive Web Design’, because the website ‘responds’ to your screen size not your hardware, so you don’t have too keep coming back when a new phone or tablet comes out.
And so, the website we design for you works seamlessly on everything: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, game consoles, etc. It will even work on your fridge!
The text, pictures, links and navigation are always clear and easy to access.
[device type=”imac” link=”” stacked=”open” ]rwd_imac_braemar[/device][device type=”ipad” color=”black” orientation=”portrait” width=”250″ link=”” position=”right”]rwd_ipad_braemar[/device][device type=”iphone5″ link=”” position=”left” stacked=”closed”]rwd_iphone_braemar[/device]
And we don’t charge you extra for designing your website this way. It’s a core part of our development process. The modern tools we use are all geared to develop websites responsively, so it’s not an add-on.
One website, one price.
PS: If you think we’re joking about the fridge, here it is: Samsung unveils internet fridge

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