Website marketing

Show your landing page to someone who doesn’t know anything about your business. After ten seconds you will have a long list of things to fix
– Carlos del Rio, Agillian Search Marketing

Website marketing is perhaps the most important to get right from day one. If all the other marketing types – content, email, search and social are sending traffic to your website, it needs to be doing it’s job right.
And that job is to convert customers.

Like your car, a website needs to be maintained for best results
Your website is like a motor car – neglect it and it will fall apart

You  cannot simply ‘set and forget’ a website. For it to work for you day and night, it needs to be finely tuned and maintained.
There are some aspects that can be put in place that will remain for the long-term such as good copy and successful landing pages, but the more effort you put into getting this right, the more you will be rewarded with increased sales.

We can help with…

  • The design and functionality of user experience
  • User testing, to discover how customers use your website
  • Create and optimise landing pages to focus sales on individual products, services or campaigns
  • Micro-content, the little things, like button text, links and calls to action
  • Ecommerce and product management
  • Analytics and conversion, tracking and measuring performance
  • Conversion rate optimisation, improving results based on analytics

With these important factors considered, you can be sure your website is ready for marketing channels. Until it is, every visitor you send to it could be wasted.

How can I keep on top of all this marketing?

Canary Dwarf offers as much or as little help as you need to keep on top of your marketing. We know you want to spend your money wisely so we’ll advise you on which channels to prioritise and we’ll be honest about what your expectations should be.
You can choose to get the help you need when you want it, or pay a single monthly fee and we’ll provide you with content, training and support.
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