Droplets make a splash in the UK

Logo – Digital OceanA new option to provide rapid deployment of cloud-based, superfast hosting is being added to our portfolio.
Digital Ocean is a hosting company based in the USA, and although we only use UK-based datacentres for our clients, we decided to try out their services which promises to set up a server in 50 seconds. And it does what it says on the tin.
Each server is called droplet and uses an SSD (solid state disk) as a ‘virtual dedicated server’.
All our existing hosting is based in the UK as we believe this is best for our UK-based clientele. However, we decided to try Digital Ocean on a couple of test sites to see how it performed. We set up two test sites of our own, one in each of the available (at the time) locations, San Francisco and Amsterdam.
Of particular interest to us, was the ease in which we could install NGINX as an alternative to the widely used Apache web server software. This is becoming increasingly popular for high-speed WordPress hosting, and we have over 150 WordPress sites on existing servers.
This might have been our first venture outside of the UK if the performance setup topped that of services closer to home, but we were very excited to receive news that Digital Ocean have set up in a new location – the UK.
This means we will now be testing this against our existing configurations to see if there are speed improvements to be had, particularly where configurations are demanding such as large WordPress sites.
We expect to be able to offer ‘droplets’ alongside our existing line-up of web and email hosting products very soon.
In the meantime, you can try it yourself with $10 off.

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