What are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are website pages designed specifically to drive conversion of customers into buyers.
There are two types of landing page:

  • Reference landing page
  • Transactional landing page

A reference landing page could be used to create a second-level ‘home page’ for a sub-section of your website. An internal page that has the characteristics of a home page, but only for that section. The user would have no need to go back to the home page. Everything relating to the section would be accessible from the landing page.
An example here would be a company selling windows and conservatories. The home page would have to cater for both, but a landing page could concentrate fully on each by separating traffic  to two landing pages, one for windows and one for conservatories.
The second type of landing page is transactional. Here, the page is designed for some activity to take place, such as a newsletter signup. a sale or a download.
These types of landing pages are often created to meet the needs of a specific campaign or demographic, and traffic is driven to them through email, social media and pay-per-click advertising.
Landing pages connected with marketing campaigns are often set up to make a conversion with a buy now button, or form to fill in. Sometimes, all navigation and sidebars are removed from a landing page to reduce distraction.

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