Hello High Street

On Monday 3 December, we moved into our new shop, office and training venue on Forres High Street.
And our first week has been amazing. What a welcome you have all given and we thank you kindly for that.
It’s true that time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s hard to believe it’s been a whole week already.
The web gets a lot of the blame when things go wrong in retail. But we genuinely believe that the internet is a great marketing tool that’s got huge potential for every business, including the high street, and if you want to know how your business can benefit more from the internet, you just have to ask.
You clearly like our book section which has a range of titles from ‘Social Media for the Older Generation’ to ‘Advanced Web Metrics’, guides for iPhones, iPads and much more.
We delivered four one-to-one training sessions, one on MailChimp, one on Facebook, and two on WordPress, and met with three new companies to start either a new website, or develop their existing online presence.
And we got the go-ahead to build a mobile app for a local outdoor attraction, which is something we are very excited about.
That was certainly more than expected, and there’s two WordPress one-to-one training sessions lined up for Monday next week.
So a great end to our first week and thanks once again to everyone who has welcomed us to the high street.

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