WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5 has brought major upgrades to three important areas of the world’s leading content management system.
Most of the websites that are built at Canary Dwarf use WordPress, and so we’re always excited to see new releases, particularly as they largely make content management so much more efficient for the end user.
Here’s the official video announcing the release of WordPress 3.5:

Released on the 11 December after rigorous testing, new features include:

Improved media management

New Media Manager
Managing pictures in WordPress has got a whole lot easier with the new upgrade. In its own words, it wanted to’streamline and improve the experience of working with media’, and it has.
The media centre has had a complete overhaul with a much easier to use media library, a drag and dop gallery editor, and on-the fly metadata editor.
This along with the drag-and-drop media uploader introduced in version 3.1 contribute to a powerful media centre.

 New default theme

New Default Theme
WordPress has moved away from the blog-like default themes that have characterised it for so long. Proof, if it were needed, that it is now a fully-fledged CMS, not, as its critics would have you believe, just for blogging. WordPress is now being used more widely as a CMS than for blogs, and this move will make that more clear to everyone using it for the first time.

Retina Ready

Retina Ready
Apple have introduced high definition screens on it’s latest MacBooks. Others will follow, but for now, everyone knows this as ‘Retina’, and the dashboard has been optimised to make definition on Retina screens clearer, crisper and therefore much easier on the eye. Much of WordPress’s improvements often focus on usability and ease of use. This improvement doesn’t do anything for the outward visibility of the CMS, but makes working with it on high-definition screens a much more enjoyable experience.

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