Inverness Gigs

Inverness Gigs started out as a hobby website, with news and reviews of local bands and has gained an admirable following.

They approached us for one reason — they were getting hacked on an almost daily basis. A popular site often draws attention from the wrong type of people! Their site was getting repeatedly hacked.
But there were many other areas in which we thought we could help. With a media background, Canary Dwarf were able to see what this site was capable of, and worked with the owners to redevelop it into the north’s leading resource on music, bands and festivals, now drawing in thousands of hits a day, and scooping the local media with scoops and same-day reviews of cultural highlights.
We also integrated active social media commenting right into the website, to keep the vibe alive whether readers were on the site or on their favourite social network. Impressively, the site is now so secure that we can now monitor and see the hacker still trying to get in, but they fall at the first fence and soon lose interest. Last year, the website was shortlisted for a Highlands and Islands Media award.
“Invaluable advice” – Read the testimonial from Chris Lemon, publishing editor

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