Mobile 'clinic' for Forres

Since the shop opened in Forres high street, we’ve had a steady stream of people asking us to ‘fix’ their iPads, smartphones, tablets, etc.
Of course, they’re not actually broken, but people are having difficulty setting them up and using them to the best advantage.

Google Nexus 7
Setting up the Google Nexus 7 straight out of the box.

Our customers know that if they have a problem setting up their mobiles, tablets etc, they can just come along and we’ll support them, but people who aren’t customers sometimes don’t have anyone to turn to.
So we’re going to dedicate an hour of the week where anyone can come along, ask questions, get email accounts set up, learn about useful apps, etc. And even get demonstrations if you’re not sure which camp to join, Android or Apple.
This is our ‘Mobile Clinic’ and we want to make this benefit the local community as well, so we’re going to ask for donations to charity instead of charging you for the advice we give.
Nominations are welcome, but we want it to be a charity that benefits local people specifically.
Our clinics will be held at 4pm every Friday at 116 High Street, Forres, so make a note in your diary and put an end to your mobile woes.

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