We picked another WordPress winner!

We are pleased to announce today, that one of our suppliers has won gold in a head-to-head contest to mark the best in WordPress premium themes.
When we choose products here at Canary Dwarf, we choose them with you in mind. And when we make choices, we make commitments. We don’t flit from this to that. It’s not good for our customers, so when we roll something out for you we stay committed to that product.
In 2009, we chose WordPress as our focus development platform. Despite previously developing our own content management system, we were blown away by the stability and flexibility of it, and since then we have built nearly 50 websites on it.
We used it in a development environment for 12 months before deciding to commit to it.
Back then, we were criticised for using what was essentially known only as a ‘blogging platform’, but we believed it offered much more and it has been proved to be the case. In fact, we predicted at the beginning of this year that those critics would eat their words and developers would swarm to it and warm to it. And they have.
Using WordPress saves money for our clients because it cuts development time and it’s easier to learn for end-users. It also allows us to use premium themes or develop our own, depending on client’s budget.
Recently, we chose to become an authorised developer and supplier of premium themes called Elegant Themes. We picked them for several reasons:
Good choice of themes
A price plan that meant we could have access to their whole library.
A good support mechanism
Diverse range of designs to suit all types of business
Elegant also offers a built-in module for extensively customising its design, making it even more adaptable than WordPress itself.
So we were delighted to learn that Elegant Themes came first in WP Candy‘s contest to find the best provider of premium themes.
WP Candy said: “Although Elegant Themes won in the end, the real winner here is obviously the WordPress user”.
Elegant and Genesis by StudioPress are currently our only recommended theme providers.

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