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Frequently asked questions

You are bound to have questions, so here is a list of answers to questions we get asked or think you will find useful.

Why should I choose Canary Dwarf to build my website?

Canary Dwarf have built over 200 websites for businesses, organisations and events in Scotland. Our customers choose us for our honest, practical approach. We provide all services in-house and are renowned for our training and support.

Our aim is to help you build a relationship with your website so you can get the most out of it for the long-term. We won’t come knocking on your door in 18 months to sell you a redesign. Instead, we will build you a website that evolves with your business.

Why do you recommend WordPress?

By putting WordPress at the heart of your website, you are investing in the long-term sustainability of your online presence. This is a website management system that has grown head and shoulders over the competition due to its flexibility and ease of use.

We choose to use it because it provides a strength-tested, bug-free platform on which to build. WordPress is essentially a chassis that has been created by a team of developers much bigger than ours and continues to receive updates to meet current trends and technical requirements.

It’s a head start for us in the development cycle, which means that it saves you money and time. More about WordPress

Will my website work on mobiles and tablets?

Absolutely! Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and your customers will be accessing your website on different devices for a variety of reasons. We want to build websites that provide a seamless experience when people switch from device to device.

Can I use it for e-commerce now or in the future?

The flexibility of WordPress allows us to turn any installation into a fully functional online shop with a shopping cart, checkout and payment gateway integration at the time of the build or in the future.

We use WooCommerce which is the most widely used e-commerce platform in the world, due to its flexibility and robustness, and have built sites with catalogues of up to 40,000 products.

Who is responsible for maintenance and updates?

We think you will get more out of your website if you are adding and editing content yourself, such as writing blogs or news. Some people want to know more about the inner workings and some people don’t.

You can participate as much or as little as you want. It is important, however, that maintenance issues are kept up to date, and if you don’t want to do this, it can be done for you at an additional cost.

What if I get stuck?

We recognise that training is often the single most important aspect of effectively managing your website.

Canary Dwarf provide training with every WordPress website, empowering you to edit and manage your content whenever you need to, and we can provide ongoing or ad hoc support once the website is launched.

We provide online resources and hands-on training anywhere in Scotland. More about training

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