We're cultivators… not farmers

We're cultivators not farmers
One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is to see businesses, brands and organisations really benefiting from the training they get or the processes we put in place.
At Canary Dwarf, most of our training is one-to-one marketing with email, search engines and social media. We like to cultivate a relationship with our clients where they can grow and nurture new skills and practices.
Working face-to-face with clients means we discuss not only their individual products and services, but on a deeper level, their budget, return on investment and resources, areas you can’t venture into in a group setting.


We make our training personal to each client and financially effective.

Group training at Canary Dwarf
Group courses are enjoyable, but they don’t get down to the nitty-gritty.

The more one-to-one training we did, the more we realised that businesses often have similar needs, so we started creating group courses to deliver the same useful information to several customers at once.
How wrong we were.
No two customers are alike and quite honestly, the digital marketing industry is quite overrun enough with experts dishing out the same generic advice. “Build your list”, “talk to your customers”, “create good content”.  Meh!
It just doesn’t work. Or rather doesn’t work effectively. The message sounds good, but what happens next? Did you build your list, talk to your customers or create good content?

A plumber and baker in the same class?

Putting a plumber and a baker in the same class, and expecting them to draw the same benefit from it is just insane. Even pooling together groups from the same industry doesn’t work because if they all left and did the same thing, they wouldn’t be any different from each other.
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Countless times, I’ve heard people say they enjoyed my class but equally I don’t see them setting the heather alight with innovative marketing, not in the same way I do with the one-to-ones.
And it’s not just me, I see normally sensible businesspeople fresh from seminars, launching themselves on Instagram, Snapchat or Google Plus without any real strategy.
Equally they’re hunting out tools like Hootsuite and Buffer because it allows them to send the same dull message to nine platforms in one go. But a month later, the post they published from the venue car park is as far as they got with their shiny new tools.
Of course, we could carry on pumping out the same stuff, but if I refer you back to my first paragraph, I get job satisfaction from seeing results. Your results!

Being different

The aim of any business, regardless of how they approach their digital marketing, is to be different. Digital marketing done en masse is taking away the individuality of businesses and shepherding them all down the same formulaic route which is making them all look the same.
Not so with one-to-ones. Face-to-face sessions not only provide an opportunity to talk about the specifics of an individual business, they also mean we can put stuff into action there and then, and so the customer starts to see the benefits straight away.
And because one-to-ones usually lead to clients coming back and relationships developing, then those benefits start to accumulate and link together.
So this is cultivation as opposed to farming. Instead of churning out low value repetitive, generic advice, we’ve decided to focus on high value, results-driven training and processes that actually benefits clients directly.
We like it that way, and we know you will too.

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