What's new in WordPress 3.8

It’s been a while since the WordPress interface has been updated, but the new look in WordPress 3.8 Parker is a welcome change to the greyness of previous versions.

Modern, new design

WordPress 3.8 colour schemeA beautiful, flat, mono colour scheme that modernises the dashboard area, has been in place at wordpress.com for a while, and now it’s time for us self-hosted users to get the new look. And it doesn’t have to be black and white – you’ve got eight colour schemes to choose from.
Even the typeface has been replaced with the trendy Open Sans, the very same font we’re using here on Canary Dwarf.

Works on all devices

Responsive WordPress dashboardWordPress has always been a bit fiddly on mobile devices, but 3.8 makes this a lot easier.

Widgets and themes

Small changes have big impact and the changes that have come to the widgets and themes areas will mean  time-savings for admins and content editors.
Oh, and a great new, magazine-type theme comes bundled.

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