MailChimp user testers wanted

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MailChimp has a big fanbase in Forres

User feedback is the key to a beautiful online experience and we place a high emphasis on getting this right when we’re building websites.

The email marketing champs at MailChimp also regard the actions and opinions of its users highly, and we are pleased to be part of their usability team. We participate in  studies which gives them live feedback of a real user experience over a webcam session, while they watch from their base in Austin, Texas.

MailChimp have asked us if we know anybody that’s never used their software and wants to help them understand how intuitive it is for new customers.

So we’re asking.

If you’ve never used MailChimp before and you’d like to set up a new account while they watch, this is a chance to be involved with a world-class software company that cares very deeply about its user experience.

If you’re a more seasoned ‘chimp’ and you’d like to get involved, they’re also looking for users who set up signup forms, and those who use MailChimp for a hobby or personal project.

So, to recap if you fall into one of these categories and want to help make MailChimp better for everyone, please contact them directly.

New to MailChimp and want to sign up — contact [email protected]

Create signup forms in MailChimp — contact [email protected]

Use MailChimp for hobby or personal project — contact [email protected]

Thank you.


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