Why we went to Italy for one of our clients!

We like to think we’ve got the creative edge here at Canary Dwarf, and we pass that creativity on when customers come to us for help.When an experienced IT professional came to us recently, we got our thinking caps on, and our phrase books out!
Murray Gillies had been running an IT consultancy for a while but he was expanding and wanted to make an impact, particularly with local businesses.
After a bit of brainstorming, we suggested he change his name and we sourced the perfect domain name for his rebranded venture.
Murray operates, ironically, in Moray, so his geographic reach is defined by the county boundary, and his expertise lies in IT.
So we were very lucky to find Moray.IT was unregistered in Italy and we grabbed it.
The Italian domain name authorities allow any business in the EU to use their domain names as long as they can prove they’re a legitimate business. It’s probably not the first time .IT has been used for an IT company, but it’s still a novelty, and it has already drawn attention from customers who think Murray has done some IT wizardy on his website!
Italy has a comparatively low number of domain names registered compared to the UK and other European countries, and with Moray being essentially a foreign word, it’s availability wasn’t a huge surprise.
It’s a perfect example where the domain name is an important part of establishing a business identity. Moray.IT does what it says on the tin – it provides IT support in Moray, there’s little room for confusion.
We’ve advised Murray to use the domain name as his business name including the dot, and so every time it’s used in print, he’s also revealing his domain name.
It’s also short, and with that being an important factor when used on social networks, it will allow him to use his full domain name in links without using a URL shortened such as Bitly, further strengthening his brand identity.
It adds to the list of overseas domain names Canary Dwarf is registering for it’s clients. We now have domain names registered in Estonia, Greece, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Colombia, Montenegro, Isle of Man, Cocos, Samoa and Italy.
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