Boat of Garten

Boat of Garten is a small village with a big community, but their website didn;’t reflect that.

It is one of the most interesting places to visit in the Cairngorms National Par, and they needed to tell the world.
Canary Dwarf was asked to take part in a pilot project to build websites for villages in the park that integrated with a ‘mother’ database managed by the Cairngorms Business Partnership.
The representatives from the village had built a rapport with their website and a little hesitant at first. Canary Dwarf provided them a simple yet effective community portal that drives tourism traffic to the village.
We worked closely with the community company to build an interactive website that not only has brought Boat of Garten an increase in traffic from search engines, but an increase in community involvement.
Village volunteers now manages all aspects of the website themselves after having content management training.
They have a calendar of events which they update regularly, and use the website to promote their annual Osprey Festival, their biggest annual spike in traffic.
“Painless, enjoyable and cost-effective” – Read the testimonial from Anna Barton, Chair, Boat of Garten Community Company

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