A L Kennedy

Well-known writer A L Kennedy got so tardy with her website that she just didn’t update it at all.

It was built on an unfriendly platform and had an outdated design. She came to us to inject new vigour into her online portfolio.
Providing a content publishing platform for such a well-known author was not only a privilege, but it was easy. Alison had loads of great content! Canary Dwarf re-imagined much of the resources already on her site.
Her content and imagery were good, but lacked lustre and wasn’t doing her work justice. Instead of commissioning new pictures, we provided a fresh, new design, used some of the quirky notes she has collected as a comedian, and used them to portray the author in the way which suited her dark style. She is based in Glasgow and London, so we provided training over the phone and gave her access to our support system.
“Exactly what I hoped for” – Read the testimonial from A L Kennedy, writer and comedian.

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